Our award-winning apps are a great way to ensure kids are ready for school and life success. From fine motor skills to math concepts to correct letter formation to spatial reasoning, our apps are instructionally sound, easy to use, and fun to play.

Discover the proven benefits of Dexteria for enhancing fine motor skills, as highlighted in a research study published in the Journal of Hand Therapy. Read the full study here.

"The authors report improved fine motor coordination when using Dexteria with a healthy population. Technology may improve patient engagement and participation when incorporated into treatment programs." - Kristin V., OTD, OT, CHT, Practice Forum Editor, Journal of Hand Therapy.

Dexteria 2 - Available Now!

Dexteria 2 picks up where our flagship Dexteria left off, and is designed to blend fun with therapeutic benefits, targeting fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive development, and spatial relations. Dive into the exercises: Burger Builder and Vantage Point, each meticulously crafted to challenge and improve your skills in enjoyable, meaningful ways.

Dexteria VMI - Assess and Practice Visual-Motor Integration Skills

Assess and practice VMI skills! Skills covered include: Visual Figure-Ground * Visual Discrimination * Copy-Build * Visual-Motor * Visual-Perception.

Dexteria Dots 2 - Practice Motor Skills while Learning Math Concepts

Dexteria Dots 2 helps kids practice fine motor, visual motor, and visual memory skills while playing a fun math game that teaches greater than/less than/equal to/ from a conceptual standpoint. Equally playable on iPhone or iPad, the app will appeal to kids from age 5-10. This is an essential app for OTs and math teachers!

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Dexteria Dots - Get in Touch with Math

Dexteria Dots is a fun, intuitive math game that teaches the concepts of number sense, addition, subtraction, and relative size. Equally playable on iPhone or iPad, the app will appeal to kids from age 2-8. Fast fingers earn bonus dots as the player masters a variety of challenges and difficulty levels. Parents, teachers, and OTs will love it, too!

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Editor's Choice Award

Dexteria Jr. - Fine Motor Skill Development for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Dexteria Jr. is a set of hand and finger exercises that help develop fine motor skills and handwriting readiness. The activities are specially designed for kids age 2-6. New characters, sprite animations, music, and sound effects all add up to a fun and engaging experience for toddlers and preschool-aged children.

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Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development for Grades K - Adult

Our flagship app Dexteria is a set of therapeutic hand exercises that improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children and adults. The exercises take advantage of the multi-touch interface to help build strength, control, and dexterity.

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LetterReflex - Overcoming Letter Reversals & Backwards Writing in Early Childhood Development & Dyslexic Children

LetterReflex is a fun way to learn the correct orientation for common letters "b" or "d" and "p" or "q" and numbers 3, 6, and 9. The activities use kinesthetic learning to teach mapping of left/right sides and correct letter/number formation.

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P.O.V. - Spatial Reasoning Skills Development

P.O.V. (Point of View) is a set of activities that teach spatial reasoning skills through fun, challenging, interactive activities. These spatial reasoning activities help develop an understanding of left and right, and math and mapping skills.

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Attention Schools and other Volume Purchase Program Customers:

We've created special versions of our OT apps just for you.

Dexteria VPP

LetterReflex VPP

Dexteria Jr. VPP now available!.

Dexteria Jr. VPP

Buy these special VPP versions to get the best pricing and easiest code administration. These versions have the same award-winning activities as the originals, but have multi-user tracking and reporting built-in.

Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is available in the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States.


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""eSpark loves Dexteria because it can be used effectively for blended learning (technology in the classroom) to enhance dexterity skills in young students. This app combines fun and instruction making it a powerful tool in any teacher's arsenal. The short repeatable exercises will keep students engaged and having fun while drastically improving their skills. Student's that struggle with fine motor-skills such as writing stand to gain greatly from the usage of this app in their classroom.""

- from Ross H. at eSparkLearning.com

"I am going to start right off and tell you that I LOVE this app (Dexteria Jr.)"

- from the 5-star review by TheiPhonemom.com

"I am a school OT and love this app [Dexteria]! My students play the pinching activity far longer than they will use tongs/clips to practice pinching."

- from an iTunes App Store review

"Outstanding app [Dexteria] and I highly recommend it. Children are very motivated to use it. I’m a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and I use it to work on fine motor integration, fine motor precision, hand exercises, handwriting, writing speed, etc."

- from an iTunes App Store review

"Dexteria is one of the mainstays in an OT's toolbox for teaching kids how to write. Why? Because it looks at learning to write from a developmental point of view. If kid's hands are not prepared to write- meaning the musculature is not there, then they can't control a writing utensil to form letters - Period. Dexteria has 2 games to develop hand skills before the third tracing the letters. The first game "Tap it", helps warm up the hand and introduces isolating the fingers, motor planning and sequencing.It's sort of like the light up memory game, but for fingers. The second game, "Pinch it" helps develop thumb and index control by picking up first little crabs that are stationary, and then stepping it up to moving targets. Finally, after giving the hands a brief wake up, tracing the letters are introduced. I love how every aspect of this app is thought out, from color schemes to activities. All modes can be translated to off screen games to refine these skills with real life manipulatives, which is the point of using an app for therapy.Recommended."

- from an iTunes App Store review

"All I can say is this [LetterReflex] is PERFECT for its market (mild to moderate dyslexia… to ANY kiddo working on differentiating Ps, Qs, Bs, and Ds). Going to add this to my recommended App List for sure. Already used it with my daughter (who struggles with mild dyslexia and ADD) and she LOVED it! Thank you for this app. SUCH a fun way to work on these problem letters!"

- from Brooke Olson @ iTaalk.org

"I'm an OT in schools and I LOVE this app [LetterReflex]! Great for kids with reversals. The kids like moving up to the next level as well."

- from an iTunes App Store review

"I found this app [P.O.V.] to be challenging enough to keep the interest of those of all ages! As an Occupational Therapist, I can see this app being the most beneficial for students and clients that I see young to old. This app is helpful and appropriate to assist with the completion of many therapeutic objectives. Thanks."

- from an iTunes App Store review

"As a pediatric and geriatric Occupational Therapist, I'm always looking for new apps to use with my patients to help improve visual perception, fine motor, and eye-hand coordination. This app [P.O.V.] really challenges spatial reasoning and is a wonderful tool."

- from an iTunes App Store review